Good day everyone

I've searched this topic endlessly and taking in all the idea's on this forum have come up with the following.

To start off with I didn't want it to hang around my neck and I didn't want to stick multi purpose foam to my rifle. I also struggled to find neoprene foam in a suitable quantity.
Not sure of what the solution would be I saw someone jogging with a cellphone strapped around their arm.

I quickly Googled it and found a cellphone holder suitable for smaller arm diameters at total sports for R100. Had some multi purpose foam strip lying around (10mmx15mm) and cut four strips of 12cm. Spaced the pellets to every 2cm to get 5pellets per strip.

When around a curvature it's nice to have the strips individually protruding as it makes it easy to find the pellets. Punching the holes for JSB 18.13 grains was done with a soldering iron and was a bit of trial and error. Punched them from both sides to form a hour glass effect.

Hope this helps someone that wants a neat solution to keeping pellets on their stock of their rifle.