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    Why are Bullpup not good at bench rest shooting? Surely it is not to do with barrel length....having been in the centre fire trade now for some time, the powder burners say all barrel length does is speed up your bullet and has nothing to do with accuracy. So why won't a Cricket or Priest rule the range at a bench shoot?
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    Who said they won't? Its all about the pellet & barrel match - not about the rifle configuration. Rifle configuration - weight, stock with and rests is the only stuff that is regulated in international comp. I won my first comp off an X-bag.

    I think one of the 100m comps here was won with a Bullpup - think 5,5mm Cricket?

    Correction Edgun the Cricket was no.3.

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    a Cricket did take the last 100m MZE memorial shoot in Gauteng

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    As they say: 'n blinde hoender pik ook n mielie raak'
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