Good day everyone

Yesterday I finally got to go and meet Wimpie, at George shooting club for some trigger time. He was generous enough to bring he's chrony so that I could finally see what the condor was doing.

The previous day I polished the Hammer Valve and put an O-ring just under the top hat. Unfortunately over eager as I am I over oiled the valve and had some very eratic groupings (even for me still getting used to the trigger). I could see the oil dripping from the valve as I was shooting so assume it was because of the valve pushing out the oil and into the barrel. I went home and thoroughly cleaned all the parts again and took a few lappies through the barrel hoping that that would be the problems solution. (I guess when something goes wrong you start looking at the last thing you changed)

We set up on the shooting range and from get go the airforce was grouping again. Wimpie showed me some grips gave me a bit of advice and as the day proceeded my groupings became tighter (I tend to pull some of my shots to the right). Condor was running a bit hot at 1100fps so we dialed her down a bit to run around 950-980 fps depending on the charge of the bottle.

I will by no means win any competition but it was nice to see my groupings getting smaller. I managed to chase about 200 pellets through her and never thought your eyes could get fatigued from shooting haha. Best of all is I also got to spend some good father son time, and with both of us loving powder burners it is nice to have alternative ways of shooting without breaking the bank.

I have no doubt that I will be in the market for a second pcp soon. Also never though that plinking at targets could be so much fun.