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    Good afternoon guys,

    I have a Benjamin NP Trail 1500 XL air rifle and its performance sucks to say the least.

    About 3 weeks ago I went to an indoor shooting range which had a maximum range of 16m. I totally missed the target so I brought it closer to about 6m, zeroed my scope on the bull with 3 shots and moved it back to 16m. the bullets were flying all over the target, everywhere except for the bull. I ask the armsdealer to have a look at it and he ordered a replacement scope, Nikko Stirling Panamax, from the supplier. New scope did exactly the same. He took the scope off, unscrewed the scope rail and screwed it back on with little bit of locktite to ensure that the rail does not come loose. We put the scope back on and I took it to the outdoor shooting range yesterday, set up the target at 25m and tried to zero the scope. All the screws are tight on the rifle stock and I was using a Buffalo River bench rest to shoot from.

    Because of the speed of the pellets, I shoot with the heavy copper plated H&N Barracuda Power 10.19gr. It used to shot a respectable grouping but now I have no confidence in the rifle accuracy.

    Can I have some advice as to what to do plse? Should I replace o-rings, etc??

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    Spring guns, particularly higher power ones are not the easiest to shoot accurately (yes, I know this has a gas ram, but it still handles like a springer).

    Many of these do not like being used off a rest and will spray the shots around if rested. Ideally use your hand to support the rifle and the rest to support your hand.

    In terms of this rifle rather than replace the o-rings, think seriously about replacing the rifle with something better quality, lower powered and capable of shooting accurately.
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    What Dale said +100!
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    Thank you Dale. I will try and shoot it out of hand and see if it makes a difference.
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    I have a Stoeger X10 also fitted with a Nikko Stirling Panamax Scope. Reported speed via the Chrono Connect Pro app is around 850-875 fps using some BSA Red Star pellets of 8.02 gr. It is the only pellet that does well in this rifle. It hates the JSB's.
    I also found that when shot from a rest the rifle does not group at all.
    Off hand, with the hand\arm supported, it gives much better results.
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    Tokkie, we shot my friend's XL1500 this weekend on the range. After I did a trigger job on it to get the trigger 60% lighter, and shooting 13+gr pellets we still battled to get a half decent group at 25m, as well as 40m. Smallest I got was about 45mm outer.
    Way too much power!!!
    I would;
    1. Sell it to a power hungry laaitie and buy something else...
    2. Have a medium gasram installed

    It is a very nice looking rifle, and solid built, but just too much to really enloy.
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