Afternoon Ladies and Gents

I've got a Afrilec / SPA GS1250 5.5mm for sale.

It's well taken care of with a small scuff on the stock. I bought it about a year ago for PC, but have moved into HFT and the rifle itself is too powerful shooting at 20+ (600-800fps depending on pellet weight)

It's got:
Fibre optic sights
Single stage trigger (A little heavy if I must be honest, but crisp none the less)
Gasram stock from the factory
A Beautiful wood stock
1x tin of H&N Barracuda's

I'm looking at getting R1800.00 with a little negotiating room.

I can look at shipping if anyone is interested from out of PE.

You can contact me on 0832671441 on either WhatsApp and calling me.

Thanks in advance