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Thread: Noblesse - de-cocking ?

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    Default Noblesse - de-cocking ?

    Hi - dont know the correct term BUT once you've chambered a pellet the air rifle is cocked!!

    now you decide not to take the shot - how do you 'de-pressurise' the 'cocked' rifle to leave it in a SAFE condition with a pellet in the chamber.

    obviously you would have to remove the magazine before the next cocking so as to prevent 2 pellets being chambered??


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    After removing the mag, pull the cocking lever all the way back and hold it there. Pull the trigger while holding it and you'll feel the hammer catch and the spring tension return to the lever.
    Return it to closed - it should feel like it wants to spring shut.

    At least that's usually how it works. Oddly enough I never de-cocked the Noblesse when I had it.
    Can't remember if it has anti double load? One or two guns with that can't be de-cocked and have to be fired off.

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