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Thread: It's not just the screws on your stock and scope that need regular tightening...

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    Default It's not just the screws on your stock and scope that need regular tightening...

    Hi I'm a new member to the forum (joined and accepted yesterday) but I've been reading great advice from here for a few months now. That said I learned a small lesson for myself just yesterday that may be of great use to those here who have to wear eye-glasses for sight problems as I do.

    I'm sure all forum users know by now that vibration from spring powered air rifles in particular can ruin weak scopes and loosen stock screws. But how many of you knew that those vibrations can also loosen the screws on your eye-glasses? I found this out yesterday when the right lens on my glasses inexplicably slid out of the frame and smashed onto the floor, shattering into about six pieces.

    Luckily for me I still had an old prescription pair nearby so I put that on and began to examine the frame. I soon saw that the lens retaining screw on the right side (the one I use for aiming) was loose and not even finger tight, while the one on the left side had no play at all.

    At the time I thought that the glasses must have come from the optician that way, so I packed them away and thought nothing of it till this morning when I was wondering if I could shoot my air rifle and be accurate with this old pair of glasses. So I took the rifle out and started checking the screws as I usually do and it hit me! I am with my right cheek on the stock and over time the spring vibration must have worked the screw on the right side of the frame loose and thus causing my current crisis.

    So that's how I came about to making my first contribution to the forum. I hope it helps someone avoid this kind of problem just follow the old advice of checking your screws and you'll avoid a lot of frustration.
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    My bliksem!
    You are 100% friggin' correct. Now why haven't I ever thought of that?
    I shoot with glasses on and from previous pair and current I've always wondered why the r/h frame screw is looser than l/h. I feel it in the closing of the arms - right one a bit loose, needing tightening every now 'n then, left one almost too tight.
    Well I never.....
    Thanks dude

    Oh, and welcome too!!!
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    The nut behind the but is important too
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