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    Hi Guys,

    So I recently had the fortune/misfortune of shooting a PCP. It has re-stoked the fire to shoot again and therefore am looking to pass on my springers and get a decent PCP setup. If I don't get what I'm looking for, I'd rather keep them.
    The HW 80 is all of 5 months old. Have the slips. It is shooting amazingly, but is a bit much for my needs. Having said that I did recently shoot a pesty crow at 76 yards and dropped it with this gun. Included is a Titan XS (UK) Teflon coated spring(Not currently installed). Quite a bit of work has been done to it including a trigger polish (All sears), new spring guide (Fits the spring perfectly) and lube (Moly paste) from TinBum Tuning in the UK. A really pleasant gun to shoot that packs some serious punch.
    Included is a Hawke 3-9 x 40 AO scope which I think suits it well. At 9x mag you get 97 yds on the last mil-dot which is about as far as you would want to shoot with a springer.

    HW 80 5.0mm/ .20 cal. - R8500

    LGV 4.5mm

    The second rifle I have had for some time (I think 5 years). The late Vince tuned it and did a trigger job on it. This thing still shoots so well, and as time goes on has shot even better for me. This is a very well known rifle on this forum, and I don't need to bore you with details. Suffice to say, it has all been taken apart, polished until it resembled a mirror, moly lubed and put back together.
    There is light pitting on the barrel, but besides that it's in perfect condition.
    This gun has a brand new Hawke 3-9 x 40 on it. Also suits the gun well.


    Feel free to PM or comment here for more information. Postage as always is for the buyers account.

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    Hi Mike what brand of pellets do you use and what kind velocity do you get from this rifle ?
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    Hi there, do you have the original sights and muzzle brake for the rifles?
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    Hi guys,

    So the rifle is doing around 900fps with H&N FTT which it seems to like. Ragged one hole groups if you shoot it well at 20 yards and the group obviously spreads out a bit at further range. I'm by no means a great shot, but I find it quite easy to shoot well. At least on par with the LGV. LGV might be ever so slightly easier to shoot accurately.

    I have the sights for the HW, but somewhere along the way misplaced the sights and muzzle break for the LGV. I feel like for both rifles it is unnecessary as they really do come into their own with a scope mounted. Both have hawke low profile one piece mounts and the scopes mentioned in the ad.

    Whoever buys either of these rifles will not be sorry they did. I love them to bits but can't justify 3 rifles along with the bows, MX bikes and plethora of other toys I own. Time to declutter!

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    LGV Provisionally Sold to Airwarrior. HW 80 still available.

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