Hi all,

I have a Webley Rebel that i just hate pumping, i do not like the different speeds you can get by pumping more or less. If you do not pump the same every time there can be quite a difference in p.o.i. To get a reasonable accuracy you have to give at least 5 pumps, and after a while that starts to become very tiring. Therefore i decided to convert my Rebel to hpa. Has anyone done a similar conversion to a Rebel or Innova, or pump rifle with a dumpvalve?

At the moment i am still sourcing all the fittings and pipework to fit a hpa bottle to the underside of the pump arm of the rifle. In theory i only need an on/off valve to supply air for one shot at a time.

I have a couple of questions for the mathematicians and Guru's out there.

I am not interested in converting it into a high powered airrifle, it must be a plinker with enough energy to hit targets 'accurately' up to 30 metres or more if that is possible.

1. What would be the best pressure to use on hpa? What is the max pump pressure? I think mine is the 10J rifle
2. Would co2 work better?
3. What would the best volume of the dumpvalve need to be on hpa or co2?
4. Can a different trigger mechanism be made to reset the 'block' that the valve stem seats against? So that when i pull the trigger and the 'block' is pushed out of the way, the valve dumps and with the help of a stronger spring the valve closes quicker and the 'block' falls back in place. All this before the pressure builds to high in the valve to push the valve open before the 'block' can stop it again?

I will probably need an inline restriction from my hpa source to the valve to slow down the hpa pressure buildup.

I am perfectly happy with an on/off valve, but it would be quite nice to be able to just load a pellet and shoot.

I have other airrifles that i enjoy shooting, but i hardly ever shoot the Rebel, i think it can be quite a nice garden plinker shooting between 5-10fpe

Any help will be much appreciated