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Thread: Filling PCP info needed.

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    Default Filling PCP info needed.

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought my first PCP and now I am starting to look for everything I need to fill the gun.
    As I am very new to PCP I need some help.

    Do I just need to get a scuba tank and a filling station ?

    Is there any thing I need to be on the lookout for ? Like thread differences between tanks or stations ?

    At the moment I do not have permission to post in the wanted ads section, but does anybody know where I can buy complete setup like this : (sold out)

    Thank you in advance.
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    Get a 300bar din cylinder. Ideal is a 10litre. Fill stations you can get at your nearest air rifle shop. If you struggle to find a fill station i do keep, at R900
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    Some notes.
    Besides various volumes, cylinders are available in 200/232 bar and 300 bar working pressure specifications.
    230 bar and 300 bar Filling stations all have identical thread sizes, A-clamp (230 b only) or DIN. Shorter thread on 230 bar. Taps on 300 bar cylinders have a deeper thread than 200/232 bar variants. This prevents 230 bar filling stations to be fitted to 300 bar cylinders.

    Filling stations come with various configurations. I prefer those with a larger guage, as sold by Safari Outdoor.
    Downstream, the fittings are all 1/8 BSP-BST.
    Always ensure that you use high pressure hydraulic fittings.
    Treat HP air with great respect.
    Fill carefully and slowly.
    Read a lot.
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    Required : Tank + Fill station + Hose
    Nice to have : quick fill connectors on the hose and probe

    Tank, a 300 bar is recommended because you'll get more fills out of it. Bigger is generally better but remember that you have to carry the thing. IMO, avoid the A clamp types - fill stations for them are less common.

    Fill station, one with a gauge is (almost) mandatory. A 300bar-threaded fill station will seal in a 230bar tank, but not the other way around. So make sure the fill station has 300bar thread. Also try get one with a restrictor in it - this limits the amount of air coming through the fill station and makes it a bit safer to use. If it doesn't have a restrictor and you're handy, tap the inside of the fill station and screw a grubbie into the hole - this acts as a restrictor.

    Hose, microbore hose is thinner which means that when you bleed the fill station (i.e. you've finished filling the gun) there will be less excess air wasted. Personally I don't think it's a significant amount. Longer hoses will also waste more air, but they're more manageable ... but I manage with a ~40cm hose just fine. Make sure that the end of the hose that attaches to the fill station has some kind of support around it otherwise the hose will develop a kink / bend there and become unsafe.

    Quick fill, you screw a female onto the end of the hose (use plumbers tape and spanners to tighten it), and a male onto the end of your probe (again, use plumbers tape and spanners.) If you only have 1 gun (pffffftttt .... ) you can get away with screwing the probe straight onto the hose and then you don't need the quick fills.

    Filling the gun, read the manufacturer's specs on the gun and don't over fill it. If the gun is regulated, you can most likely fill it to the maximum safe amount specified by the manufacturer. If the gun isn't regulated, then fill it to the maximum and shoot a chrony string to determine the gun's sweet spot. The "sweet spot" is between the air pressure at which the gun starts shooting consistently and the pressure at which it stops. E.G. an Air Arms S400 can be filled to 190 bar, but most people find the sweet spot is from 110bar to 170bar, so filling to 190bar is pointless as between 190bar and 170bar the gun doesn't shoot consistently.
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    All the above, if you on a budget 7ltr 232bar will be cheapest. You can get filling stations without hoses for 500-600. If you want to buy once go for carbon fiber 6.8ltr 300bar and a station with hose and nice gauge.
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    Thank you for all the info. Will spend some time to get to know what you all said.
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