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Thread: Industry Brand AR2079B - Competition Version - Review

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    Default Industry Brand AR2079B - Competition Version - Review

    This is my go to rifle when my springers get me down. Its CO2 powered and as long as the temperature is between 20 C to 28 C it will shoot to the same POI. The trick is to pause between shots while the CO2 pressure in the tank equalizes , in the case of the Competition Version its easy to see on the supplied pressure gauge. The rifle also has very easy to operate side lever cocking . Press the release on the lever it pops out a bit, pull back load your pellet with your left hand and return the lever, it has only a slight resistance on the return stroke as the pellet enters the bore.
    The Competition version is also supposed to be accurized and was supplied with test targets in the supplied case. The bluing is not of high quality being more of a dark grey colour and needs to be well oiled to protect the metal, however this is a solidly made rifle all parts being metal including an alloy barrel band. The stock is very well shaped and fits my small hands like a glove. The finish is below average with varnish runs. When I fitted a scope in place of the supplied diopter sight I found that I could not get correct eye relief as the scope mounting positions are limited so I added a butt plate extension.

    The AR2079B is very happy with both Crosman FT 7.9 gn and JSB Exact 8.44 gn and for more Knock down power also does well with the JSB Exact 10.34 gn.
    The Shooting Chrony gave the following figures :
    JSB Exact 8.44 gn Average Velocity 702 ft/sec , ES 13.1, SD 5.6 and ME 9.2 ft/lb
    Crosman 7.9 gn Average Velocity 715 ft/sec, ES 10.9 , SD 4.1 and ME 8.8 ft/sec
    JSB Exact 10.34 gn Av Velocity 653 ft/sec ES 13.7, SD 5.8 and ME 9.8 ft/lbs

    Accuracy depends on the shooters ability only, aim and follow through correctly with gentle triggering and it will keep on shooting to the same POI.

    Ignore the one high shot caused by poor follow through all other 5 shots in a measured Edge to Edge group of 5mm. The trigger is based on the Crosman 160 design as is the rest of the action and it is in the case of this rifle a pseudo two stage unit. ( even the Steyr LG110 has one ) It has a slightly springy feel but breaks consistently at 1.4 lbs and is fully adjustable. When fitting the scope I had to remove the combined barrel weight/sight mount, this required
    tapping out a retaining pin that locates in a grove on the top of the barrel. After I had done this the trigger locked up. The gunsmith informed me that it had been incorrectly assembled and the safety was also incorrectly fitted !


    Is the AR2079B Competition any good as a Target rifle , if you follow the use of CO2 guidelines re temperature and pressure equalization then it can do well even up to 20m. The AR2079B is very loud so will require a slip-on silencer or a UNF screw adapter as it does not have screw threads. I mostly use my rifle with a remote coil and CO2 tank as I find it a bit heavy with the supplied metal CO2 tank. All 9oz tanks that I tried affect the accuracy as they touch the barrel. Also when the temperature is low you can attach an 850psi regulated HPA bottle to your remote coil.
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