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    Default Diana Series 70 Model-75

    This rifle was made by Milbro in 1973.

    Milbro is a Scottish company that bought Diana(Mayer & Grammelspacher) lock stock and barrel, including the trademark "Diana" after world war2
    The rifles they manufactured were marked as Diana "Made in GT. Brittain".

    Diana started manufacturing air rifles again in about 1950. But due to the loss of their trademark they sold them under various other names for example: Original in Germany, Beeman, Highscore and Winchester in the USA, Gecado in the Commom Wealth countries, which of course includes good old RSA .
    The Series 70 Model 75 is in actual fact just a Diana/Gecado Model 22 in a different stock.

    Enough of the history lesson, back to my rifle.
    As stated my Series 70 Model 75 was made in Scotland by Milbro in 1973.

    The rifle has a sheet steel barrel with a brass insert, basic back sight and very nice(for my eyes at least) pin front-sight.
    The rifle is also fitted with a very short sight ramp on top of the compression tube. This I presume is to fit a peep sight to it, the ramp is way to short to fit a scope properly. The stock on the rifle is comfortable, even in my hands.
    The model and series numbers as well as "MADE IN GT. BRITTAIN" are stamped into the left side of the compression tube. Some of the original gold coloring remains on my rifle.

    From the condition of mine I have to assume the rifle spent most of its 45 odd years in a safe with very little use.
    The rifle was stripped and cleaned before firing. The inside was a gooey mess with old(presumably original) grease. Leather piston seal was found to be as good as new after a good clean and soak. Only issues found was the piston latching rod that was skew, and the spot weld on the sight ramp was over enthusiastically done, resulting in a protrusion on the inside of the compression tube. Both these issues was duly fixed by the air-gun smith entrusted with it. He also fitted an o-ring as a breach seal, rifle came without one, and try as he might a leather one would just not stay in place. The rifle is one sweet little shooter and accurate to boot!

    I own 2 of the made in GBR rifles as well as some made in Germany ones. In my opinion the quality of the Germany manufactured rifles are slightly better. They just "feel" like you are holding something that will last.

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