The high cost and little to no local availability of custom parts and accessories have inspired me to make my own, combining my love for designing and tinkering I have decided to make my products available to the community after some inquiry from the community.

I aim to keep lead times as short as possible, service accurate, effective and personal. Provide good quality products, personalised designs for all needs and keeping it cheap.

I'm specialising in the following:

CAD Designing, 3D printing and Prototyping all to your own needs to your specifications.

Areas of work:

> Sidewheels and side wheel extenders
> Pointers
> Zoom levers
> Turret caps and grips
> Sunshades
> Eye shades
> Eye shade or boot plugs (prevents dust and water from hitting ocular lense)
> Trigger shoes and blades
> Wind indicators
> Angle indicators
> Brackets and attachment solutions for these indicators
> Silencers and parts (printing of spare baffles after damage from clipping )
> Air cylinder anti roll and dust covers for removable air cylinders
> Pellet trays (storage and organisation solutions)
> Pellet tin Snap on covers
> Single shot trays and magazine parts
> Gun caddy custom parts: custom stands to suit specific rifle to ensure safer transport, custom trays and brackets ext.
> Filling adapter and gun dust plugs

And many many more items

I will print the parts for the FT Target checker, at this point I don't have springs, but I'm planning to sell complete units soon.

I can also print items which you designed or got online. EG: Thingyverseor GrabCAD, depending on the license on these items I'll print them at pure material and shipping cost.

3D Designing and printing (Including prototyping ) of anything else you can think and which fist on the print bed of can be done.

I will also do "odd jobs" like the broken off toaster handle, new knobs for the Oven, new wheels for the dishwasher tray, "clip in" brackets for beer bottles for the fridge drawers ext ext ext.

At the moment I can print ABS and PLA only in black, other colours to follow on request.

Print bed volume is 200mm long 200mm wide 180mm high for people interested.

Some examples of first Prototypes:

At this moment I'm focusing on my needs (Parts which fit my Walther LG300 and my Sightron) but I'm quick in designing and drawings up new things.

Prices are part dependent, miss prints go on the house, I will calculate a price dependent on filament used, hours on the printer and hours in designing. Will make it as fair as possible and shipping for the buyer.

If you are interested please PM me, I will soon set up a different thread with Prices and images for most Items.

MD 3D Printing Services