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Thread: Protea development day : 12 May

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    Thanks to all the presenters and current Protea team members for paying it forward
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    For those who want to set up chairgun as Heinri did some info.

    I spent a couple of hours at the range yesterday doing this and my ranging. step by step below.

    - shoot a 5 shot group at 30m.
    - turn turret one full turn up
    - shoot a 5 shot group with the same aim point. The pellets go high
    - measure the height difference between the two groups
    - in chairgun you go to calculate MOA per click and put in the distance of target and the height difference of the groups and the clicks for 1 turn. Then click use this value. Mine was 3.88 clicks per MOA instead of 4
    - measure the space between the scope and the barrel just after the saddle of the scope. This was the only place that I could get into. Add this with half the barrel and scope OD's. my scope height is 9.37cm
    - put this into chairgun as well.
    - shoot over the chrony to get speed Avg of 5 shots and enter into chairgun
    - correct BC to 0.022
    - enter elevation to match my location.
    - set zero at 30m as scope height is very high. Checked against zero of 50m and the clicks are the same.

    I checked this against my current turret cap markings and what do you know they are the same. My apologies Heinri for telling you otherwise.
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