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Thread: Nearest to an air rifle as a youngster

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    Default Nearest to an air rifle as a youngster

    As my parents would not allow me to have an air rifle this is as close as I got

    Wayndotte double barrel popgun

    "Superb quality throughout and very realistic appearance. Made from heavy gauge steel with baked, black enamel painted finish. Stock is all wood with walnut finish. It features a self loading break action barrel with a unique safety cork retaining device in the tip. Rather than jamming the corks into the barrel they slide in easily and are held in place. That's how Wyandotte advertised the toy, but I had them fall out occasionally. It has two individual triggers; one for each barrel. Each also produces a very loud "report". Best of all it works great!Comes with its scarce original box featuring the name and an illustration of the shotgun. The manufacturer's name and address were also printed on it. Size: A whopping 23" long. Weighs approximately a pound and a half."

    Amazing what you can find on the internet.

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    I had one !
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