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    Good day all,

    So a quick question. I bought a Gamo hunter IGT (second hand) today and the guy selling it to me told me that the Gas piston should last about 1000 shots before needing to be replaced. I did not want to argue with him because I realized it might be the reason he was willing to part with a perfectly good rifle for next to nothing.

    However it did get me thinking, how long do the gas rams in the Gamo IGT rifles actually last? And has anyone had any experience with them failing?
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    They do fail but not as quick as a spring
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    If you use your gun regularly say once a week, there is no reason that the ram should last over 10 000 shots. I have a rifle that is closing in on 15 000 shot and is still shooting at the same speed as the day I put a gas ram in. If you have any doubt about the perfomance of the rifle please feel free to contsct me directly.
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    Never had one failing on me
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