Soooo. giving the shadow 640 a T for test today.
After being super bored and actually modified a Hammerli Silencer on the Shadow to give it a nice look i went out and went shooting.
Slammed a 4x32mm scope on with some Diabolo match pellets and started at 10m sighting in scope. Eventually when I got it centre I desided to start at 30meter to try it out. What Ive heard and read about the 640 at 30 meters accuracy becomes an issue because of the power (Just what Ive heard and read could be wrong I dont know)
Took 6 pellets and stood up to check it out not expecting much and when I got there my jaw dropped when i saw I grouped 6 shots in centre. personally not a big Gamo fan but this little rifle impressed me alot today. Would like slightly more velocity around 800fps but I might just keep this rifle as is. Then i opened a beer and stripped it and made it all Black and I think it looks freaking awesome LOL.
Some Pictures: