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Thread: My New Sharp Innova, Multi Stroke Pneumatic

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    Default My New Sharp Innova, Multi Stroke Pneumatic

    In order not to hijack someone else's thread, I decided to start another, separate one.

    I've been looking at, and wanting to try this gun for quite some time, now. I have been looking at it, in one or other of the versions and or guises over the years.

    I bought one with a wooden stock 2 days ago...
    I've done a bit of research before about it, and for R2000, I thought, how bad can it be...

    Anyway, I have to relate my exact experience...

    I ordered 2, one in wood and one in make my mind up before paying.
    The synthetic stock is surprisingly solid for the price and would be my first choice, giving the price saving...
    Unfortunately, pumping it in the shop, revealed that it would not hold air at all...

    Which brings me to the second, wooden stocked version...great looking, well finished stock. Pumped it 3 times and repeated it a few times, worked good, before paying...BUT
    Unfortunately the very next day, sooting my first pellet through it at home...the exact same issue...not holding air at all. I had the option of returning it for a full refund or even a replacement, however, I liked it a lot and was planning a disassembly and clean and relube myself, so decided to take the chance and void the warrantee, (something I would never recommend to anyone)

    In the end, I'm happy to report, that it was a very easy fix, the rifle is easy to work on, and after lube and assembly is working, perfectly!
    Tomorrow, I'll do a proper further evaluation, with chrony results and later on an accuracy report...

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    I would like to note that I strictly did only a clean and relube of all the internals.

    The only changes or mods performed, were:
    The surfaces of the trigger-sear/block, for lack of a better term, were sanded and polished for a smoother trigger action.
    The sheetmetal roll pin, keeping the front sight/compression tube end cap assembly, was not a snug enough fit, for my liking, so I also replaced it with a solid, steel, homemade pin...
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    After the above mentioned stripdown, cleanup and relube, I shot about 100 shots through it, which would mean, probably 300 to 400 pumps, as a "break-in".
    The following results were obtained after this, using JSB 13.43gr pellets...

    1x pump: 262fps, 276fps, 275fps, 268fps.
    2x pumps: 395fps, 404fps, 404fps, 406fps.
    3x pumps: 481fps, 479fps, 485fps, 488fps.
    4x pumps: 552fps, 542fps, 551fps, 545fps.
    5x pumps: 570fps, 571fps, 572fps, 571fps.
    6x pumps: 619fps, 618fps, 608fps, 620fps.
    7x pumps: 638fps, 642fps, 639fps, 645fps.
    8x pumps: 667fps, 675fps, 675fps, 672fps.

    I have also tried 9x, and 10x pumps just for interest...

    9x pumps: 703fps, 699fps, 700fps.
    10x pumps: 718fps, 715fps, 715fps.

    I would like to add that I did notice a slight (average of about 10fps) increase in velocity from the very first recorded shots, and the ones recorded here, after the initial break-in, it is possible that the results obtained her, may even settle down and increase slightly, still...!?
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    I got a little bit of time for shooting, and recorded the following groups.
    I was using an old 4x32, no-name-brand scope and sand bag, over 15 metres...

    Firstly, JSB 18.3gr, 5x pumps, 6 shots:

    Using JSB, 13.43gr, 5x pumps, 8 shots:

    Using JSB, 13.43 gr, 8x pumps, 6 shots:

    FWIW, Conditions were not great, quite windy. These are a few of the better groups, nonetheless...
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