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Thread: Umarex Gauntlet to CO2

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    Default Umarex Gauntlet to CO2

    Just to be clear, I do not own a Umarex Gauntlet; I just saw youtube clips of it disassembled.

    When you look closer it looks remarkably like a QB79, and from what I can make out, it is a copy of the QB79 modded for HPA. It looks like Umarex looked at all the mods available for the QB79 and built the rifle to include the most common ones. Provided that the barrel is good, it should be a pretty good, quiet, low-cost, regulated airrifle. If you believe youtube and forums, it is.

    For those that haven't paid attention to the QB craze a few years ago, the QB79 is a CO2 powered rifle that can quite easily be converted to high pressure air (HPA) to give a regulated 12 ftp pcp airrifle; the major modification is to replace the 12oz CO2 cylinder with a paintball 13 ci HPA cylinder. Quite a few people spent time, effort and money to convert their QB78/79's to HPA.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw this: Using The Umarex Gauntlet With CO2 Power - Part One

    Seems like a step backwards to me.
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    And the QB78s were a copy of the 1950s Crosman 160/167. But you know, everybody "innovates" these days.
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    It most definitely is a qb79, only difference i could find was the bolt action reversed.
    Qb79 spring action is forward when loading the pellet
    Guantlet spring action is backward as most rifles.
    I even tried co2 and stripped the shroud on the guantlet to see if im seeing all this correctly. Expensive qb79 IMHO
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    If you go through the mods available for the QB, the cock on opening is one the yanks love. Apparently so that they can feel the force required when seating the pellet.

    If you mod a QB79 to be the same as the Gauntlet, it would probably be slightly more expensive than the Gauntlet. The custom stock alone would set you back almost the price of the Gauntlet. Add the custom breech and 1150 psi output Ninja cylinder, then it adds up to more.

    In my opinion, the Gauntlet is what the QB79 should have been.
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