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    Hi airgunners

    This is aimed more at the guys that hunt and pest control. I saw this idea on You Tube and thought it was really good. My normal pellet is an 18 gr JSB however you never know if you might need a different pellet, be it a heavier pellet or maybe a hollow point or just more than 2 mags worth.

    So the idea I saw was to use a broken arrow shaft. You can cut the shaft to your desired length and you can strap/tape it to your rifle so that you've always got them with you. I've strapped mine to the picatinny scope rail. They're tucked out the way and I've always got spare pellets with me. 5.5 mm pellets fit nice an snug into carbon arrow shafts. I used arrow nocks at the ends to stop them falling out and just cut off the "V-fingers" that would nock onto the string to prevent them catching on anything.

    Straight shooting, guys.

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    Very nice idea, thanks for sharing.
    Got a couple of old arrows that I'm not using that I can give this a try.
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