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Thread: Patchworm Cleaning Kits

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    Default Patchworm Cleaning Kits

    Ok, so I saw Rashaad’s ad and checked out the link to the vid on the Patchworm cleaning kit and thought I‘d give it a go, cos my usual patch pull through, doesn’t work as well as I want it too (Napier patches).

    My normal cleaning regime consists of using a combination of VFG cleaners (first one with 1 Fluid Film, then clean "cleaners" afterwards) and then a few pull throughs with normal patches (Napier).

    So bought the 4.5mm kit and gave it a go on my rifle. The 4.5mm cord has a thicker grommet(?) glued to the cord, so the idea is that the patch folds backwards and around the 4.5mm grommet, so that it cleans the entire internal diameter of the barrel (See Pic below).

    Here are the pics for my test:

    I used some Fluid Film on my first patch:

    Pic of patch with Fluid Film attached to the cord (Before pulling through).

    Pic of patch after pulled through (1st Pull)

    So then I flipped the patch over and pulled it through for a second time (2nd Pull)

    At this point, I thought that perhaps the patch wasn’t quite tight enough when it was being pulled through, so I added 2 clean patches (More is always better....of course LOL) to pull through for the third time.

    Pics of third pull through with 2 clean patched. It was much harder to pull through (so wont be doing this in future). But the patches seemed clean with some tiny additional dirt evident on the patches, besides the excess Fluid Film it cleared out of the barrel (3rd Pull).

    This was only the third pull and it seemed clean? I was sceptical to say the least, so thought I would try and add a VFG cleaner on the Patchworm and pull it through to see if it cleaned better. The pic below is after I pulled it through......still clean!

    Ever the sceptic, I thought I would use a new "cleaner" on my VFG rig and pulled it through again to check.......(pic below) and it was still clean.

    • Ease of use
    • Only requires a very small circular patch to clean (Extra patches = 500 in bag and can be used on both sides, so a 1000 uses, which should last a life time)

    • I little expensive for a piece of plastic cord. So I predict that someone will be able to make the 4.5mm grommet and glue it in on some cord, for a much cheaper option. (But let’s not forget to support our local suppliers. )
    • Require small round patches (But can either be bought in bulk or manually cut your own)
    • Additional plastic container for treated patches would be a nice addition to the package.


    Overall I’m impressed with this little kit and its effectiveness to clean the barrel with so few pull throughs. The idea behind the grommet is a simple one and seems to give the barrel a good 360 degree cleaning, where in comparison my Napier patches seems to catch only 1 side?

    Note: This is probably highly subjective to how clean/dirty your barrel is etc. So it may take a few more with a dirtier barrel. My barrel had about 300 shots through it, when I cleaned. So its a nice addition to my FT rifle bag, if/when I may need to just give it a quick clean in-the-field. As an addition, I have pre-treated a few patched with Fluid Film and put that in a small container for easier in-the-field cleaning.
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    The multi caliber version does come with little containers for treated and dry patches which is quite useful for field use didn't realise the 4.5mm doesn't...
    I agree they are really great kits and super quick. I really hate cleaning my barrels so the faster the better
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    Ok, so just an update on this mentioned, the .177 kit does not come with an additional patch container for "treated" patches, as is the case with the multi kit (Green kit).

    However, I believe I have found the perfect solution for this problem! If you are like anyone in my household, saline solution is an everyday item for those of us who use contact lenses. Every time you buy a bottle of this solution, you get a contact lens container. This I have found to be the perfect container for my dry and treated patches and is an all-in-one solution. So no separate containers for the two items.

    Problem sorted!

    PS: if anyone wants one of these containers, let me know as I have a bunch of them.
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