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    Default QB79 barrel mod

    Hi guys. would appreciate some advice or tips on what I am attempting. I have a badly rusted barrel that I want to stick in a lathe and cut down to 13.5 mm OD and then sheath with a carbon fibre tube and aluminium end caps. The breach end of the barrel must also be modified to fit into a JRA multi shot breach. I'm just a bit concerned that 1.5 mm off the barrel might be a bit much.
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    Good evening

    Yes It can be done, but for even an experienced turner, it will need to be set up between centres in a lathe perfectly true and concentric. Also I suggest you use two brass plugs with shoulders of just under the diameter you are cutting to and with centre holes drilled in each, and these must be just a slight "tap fit" into the barrel as not to hurt the riffling. A traveling steady is also of utmost importance here, I would not attempt this without one. Use a dial indicator and check the set up on all plains multiple times, measure twice, cut once. Once it's cut, it can't be put back on again. As for the diameter, it's fine, I've seen barrels with less. The sleeve will also add and strengthen the barrel again. So just be careful with it and your golden.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for that advice. Will definitely follow your suggestions
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