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Thread: cleaning bsa standard

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    Default cleaning bsa standard

    what is the best way to clean out the build up of grease and debris inside the chamber and springs etc?

    ive got my bsa standard 2 apart and figured while i have it apart i might as well clean it all up and relube any of the moving parts.

    What are acceptable solvents and lubes for re lubing it.

    Im also wondering if the barrel should be cleaned or not, ive seen some say yes others say no.
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    Undiluted dishwasher and a brush can be pretty effective on grease, just let the dishwasher soak then rinse off with water and dry. A regular engine cleaner is also good, but they are mostly kerosene which also works well as a degreaser on its own. There are water based degreasers you can get if there are old seals that might dissolve in petrol based degreasers. Pure alcohol or methylated spirits allow you to do away with water altogether if you need to keep everything dry.
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    For cleaning grease and waxes, my got-to is stil paraffin ( a.k.a. kerosene, lamp oil). Disolves most greases and oils. It also evaporates at a rate slightly slower than water. Does not cause corrosion and does not damage oil-resistant o-rings. Much lower fire and explosion risk than some other petroleum or alcohol based solvents and reasonably safe to use.
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