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Thread: SPA M22 Jackal a good buy?

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    Default SPA M22 Jackal a good buy?

    Hi there newbie here😁

    Ive got friends that do pc and own R15 000 and up rifles but i can't afford that!! I have found jackal m22 which is in my price range. I would like to know if this gun is worth getting?

    Thanks 😁😁
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    Buy what suites your pocket
    Tweak it yourself or find someone who can do the serious tuning
    otherwise get one for what you want, pesting or target, calibre, scope and fill station or pump
    Choose only good pellets
    You wont be sorry
    Good luck
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    In that price range you can have a look at a Kral Maxi as well. Mine have never let me down and they are very good entry level pcp's
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    The M22 is a super gun at that price.
    Yes; could do with a tune, trigger is bad out of the box.
    But good solid power plant build!! Plqin and simple design, less can go wrong.
    My project gun is a M10; converted to 5mm and I am loving the project!!
    Shooting 1070fps with 14.73gr using 2.14bar per shot, shooting 23.75gr at 860fps using 2.4bar per shot. With a trigger that is smooth, with crips release, and very light pull.
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