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Thread: BSA Ultra Multishot .177 O-Ring sizes?

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    Default BSA Ultra Multishot .177 O-Ring sizes?

    Anyone who can assist with specifications on the o-ring sizes for the BSA Ultra Multishot .177, especially the bolt probe o-ring (seal).
    Any suggestions on an O-ring supplier in Johannesburg / East Rand / South of Johannesburg area.
    Many thanks.
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    The o-ring your looking for also fits the .177 versions of the following rifles, gamo coyote, phox, goldstar and buccaneer. The fill probe o-ring is a 008 and the pellet probe o-rings are a 003 and 004 respectively, or in metric, its a 2x1,5mm for a .177 and a 3,1x1,47mm for a 5.5mm, just to be clear, these sizes quoted are the ID and wall thickness of the o-rings. This is what you quote when buying them, do not quote the whole measure of 5x2x1,5mm. I did that once and looked like an idiot.....

    You can get these at bearing man, pro seals and bearings or bearings International. Or wherever you can find a dealer in this sort of thing.

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