Good morning all.

Guys, i know i said that i will start a new batch of gauges at the end of August.
I am so sorry for only getting back now,

Regarding the manufacturing of said gauges, i am totally dependant on my employer
and his equipement.
The problem that i am stuck with,is that we are seriously busy at work and the machines that i need
are working 24/7.
All the members that have placed an order, i have still got all your details, just cant promise anything
at this time.

I have even started on something else,pellet tins. They very similar to those (Pellcan) containers that u get,
but for now i cant even do those.
Plan to have then made from billet aluminium,anodized to any colour and engrave pellet details on lid.
For now i cant even do a prototype.

Sorry for the wait guys, will post as soon as i get going again.