Reading Mike Brew's thread regarding the future of FT and the challenges to promote air rifle shooting as a sport in general makes me think of a similar challenge we're facing here in the Eastern Cape to promote HFT.

Most new aspiring members ends up buying a 5.5mm high power PCP as a 1st rifle, only to end up not participating in HFT due to the power restrictions imposed by the rules. We here, have allowed a "high power" class (limited to 20lbft) but again, most 5.5mm PCP's are closer to 30lbft which tends to damage dropdown targets and thus makes it unsuitable. The new aspiring member ends up not joining the club as the rifle he purchased doesn't suit the competitions being offered.

A suggestion I would like to see happening is more "credibility" to high power 5.5mm PCP's for competitions, even if it is proper established "informal" postal shoots at 1st.

I see in the past various "postals" have been organised which either did not get off the ground or was "once-off" only. Recently SA Field Sport is promoting a medley event but travelling makes it impossible to participate if you're on the other side of SA.

So if there are other clubs that would like to get something started, even if only 3-4 postals between clubs per year, let me know. All it needs is 2 or more clubs to get a sort of a "twinning" arrangement going. Obviously rules needs to be set up etc., but that can be resolved.