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Thread: SIG Hammerli Model-401

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    Default SIG Hammerli Model-401

    Today i picked up a Hammerli Model-401, can any in the know give me more info on this rifle.
    What I have read is it's Swiss/ German made and was the beginning of target rifles for Hammerli?
    If anyone has specs, has shot them or can tell me more about how they shoot it will be appreciated.
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    I have what I believe is a related model, the Hammerli Mod3 HS05. It is also a sidelever action with the same tap loader design.

    Mine is stock standard and performs at 535fps with a 7.56grain H&N pellet for a calculated 4.8fpe. Thus I suspect these were intended to be 6fpe rated 10m target rifles if someone else can confirm.

    The cocking action is smooth and light. the trigger is a dream considering it's a springer. The only issue I have is that it's scope rail is a 13mm dovetail instead of 11mm and I'm battling to find a period correct peep sight that fits there.

    Even with open sights as-is, it's a pleasure to shoot 10mm groupings with it at up to 15m all day long.

    I'm considering taking mine up to about 10fpe with a spring replacement and a modern seal instead of the leather one, but then the recoil may become more and, and..... I donno, maybe, maybe not. It's such a sweet shooter.
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    I have to agree this is one of the nicest shooting rifles I have come across. As you said it is not fast but glass smooth and the trigger very light.
    My spring is sadly suffering from "limp dick syndrome" and speed is really down. The seal is still good but had excessive amounts of lube internally.
    I would also like to replace both the spring and seal with something a little more modern but not excessive.
    As you mentioned this is a target rifle and should be treated and used as such.
    I would like to put on a diopter but they price nearly the same as a scope
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