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Thread: CZ vs Sumatra barrel.

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    Default CZ vs Sumatra barrel.

    CZ barrel machined to fit P12.
    Was threaded when I bought it.. Thanks Macros
    While it was in the lathe I did a re - crown.

    Length... dia... choke.... Twist
    CZ... 48cm... 15mm... yes... 1-17.7
    SUMATRA... 57.5cm...14mm...No...1-22

    First test at 38 m with jsb's all 5 shot groups.
    Top groups with sumatra barrel 16 gr jsb's.
    Bottom CZ.. 18 and 16 gr.

    Will post updates as testing proceeds.
    I'm more interested in the longer range accuracy 50 - 100m
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    Sharp Shooter

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    Would be very interesting if you get any spiralling at longer range and with which pellet.
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    Sharp Shooter
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    So far so good!
    Nice job on the re-crown
    Looking forward to the long range results
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