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Thread: PCP Filling Probe (Technical)

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    Hi to all,
    After years and years of postponement I finally got my first PCP - an Artemis PR900W (Thanks Neon Sales for the black friday deal).
    Got the scope fitted today and when I wanted to refill the PCP,I did not have the Threaded probe or Quick release attachment for my probe that Safari and Outdoor uses in their filling station as they have the hose with the threaded tip.
    I could only fire about 20 shots with the air that was in the gun and now I need a Threaded Probe or QR adapter.
    The plan is to make my own threaded probe , but not having the hose with the tip there is a bit of uncertainty with the threads so I would appreciate help from you guys.

    • From what I read the Thread is 1/8 BSP , is this Correct?

    • What depth are the threads on the hose tip?
    • How does it seal, at the shoulder of the probe or at the bottom of the tip?

    Please find pictures attached below, The gold one is what I have and the grey one is my design of what I think I need.

    Thank you.

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