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    REP: Air Rifle Pros

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    Valid From 27 November 2018 21 December 2018 While Stocks Last!

    Air Rifles

    • Air Arms TDR 5.5mm (SKU: S410K22SX30RWO) WasR18930-00 Now R16600-00
    • Air Arms Galahad 5.5mm Black (SKU: AR10M22RX30AKO) Was R33000-00 Now R22000-00

    • Retay Arms 70S Carbon (SKU: RAC211188B) Was R1410-00 Now R1100-00
    • Retay Arms 135X Black (SKU: RAF900222B) Was R2250-00 Now R1920-00
    • Retay Arms 135X Carbon (SKU: RAF900910M) Was R2530-00 Now R2100-00
    • Retay Arms 100X Carbon (SKU: RAH540680N) Was R2540-00 Now R2100-00
    • Retay Arms 100x Black (SKU: RAH650390B) Was R2250-00 Now R1900-00
    • Retay Arms 125X Black (SKU: RAX380200B) Was R1970-00 Now R1700-00

    • Theoben Rapid Air Rifle 5.0mm (SKU: RAW100111) Was R33000-00 Now R28000-00
    • Rapid Air BM500 4.5mm (SKU: RAW100300) Was R43030-00 Now R37000-00
    • Sezer Arms 5.5mm Air Rifle (SKU: SEZPCP5.5mm) Was R7400-00 Now R6000-00
    • CZ200S Beech 4.5mm (SKU: SL030) Was R9990-00 Now R8700-00

    • FX T12 Regulated 5.5mm (SKU: FX0238R) Was R16500-00 Now R13000-00
    • FX T12 Unregulated 5.5mm (SKU: FX0238) Was R15600-00 Now R12500-00
    • FX Typhoon 4.5mm (SKU: FX0613) Was R8800-00 Now R6800-00
    • FX Verminator MKII 5.5mm (SKU: FX0679) Was R18100-00 Now R14700-00
    • FX Gladiator Barrel 5.5mm (SKU: FX12006) Was R3900-00 Now R2500-00
    • FX Crown Laminate Forrest Green 5.5mm (SKU: CRO-30309-001) R29900-00
    • FX Crown Laminate Black Pepper 5.5mm (SKU: CRO-30307-001) R29900-00
    • FX Crown Walnut 5.5mm (SKU: CRO-30302-001) R25450-00

    Optisan Binoculars, Smartphones Adaptors and Riflelight

    • Optisan Litec P 8x40 (SKU: OPT37365) Was R1050-00 Now R450-00
    • Optisan Litec R 10x42 R/A (SKU: OPT37444) Was R1850-00 Now R950-00
    • Optisan Britec 10x32 (SKU: OPT37478) Was R2215-00 Now R950-00
    • Optisan Predator Riflelight 280H Kit (SKU: OPT37385) Was R1350-00 Now R800-00
    • Optisan Smartphone Adaptor (SKU: OPT37524) Was R580-00 Now R380-00

    Moderators and Magazines

    • Air Arms Moderator 1/2 UNF Male S510/TX200HC (SKU: TX585) Was R1050-00 Now R900-00
    • Air Arms Moderator 15mm Slip On S200 MKII (SKU: S585Z2) Was R1050-00 Now R900-00

    • Brocock Concept Magazine 4.5mm 6 Shot (SKU: AMAG177) Was R520-00 Now R320-00

    • Cricket Magazine 4.5mm (SKU: KAL-069B) Was R485-00 Now R285-00
    • Colibri Magazine 5.5mm (SKU: KAC-044A) Was R2540-00 Now R2000-00

    • RAW Theoben 5.5mm Magazine 12 Shot (SKU: RAW707222) Was R1435-00 Now R950-00
    • RAW Theoben 5.0mm Magazine 12 Shot (SKU: RAW707221) Was R1435-00 Now R950-00


    • Kalibrgun Cricket Barrel 5.5mm (SKU: KAL-070B) Was R5337-00 Now R4000-00

    • TM1000 Complete Cylinder 180cc (SKU: RAW303323) Was R2900-00 Now R2700-00

    • Bipod V8 Atlas Clone (SKU: V8-BIPOD) Was R1095-00 Now R900-00
    • Discovery Optics Mount Phone Mod 2 (SKU: DOPM02) Was R1530-00 Now R1100-00

    • Nikko Stirling Rangefinder Laser 5-800Mt (SKU: BRLRF501) Was R3330-00 Now R2985-00
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    Protea FT Team '16/'18
    National FT Champ '18/'19
    SAFTAA FT Colours'15

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    Some nice prices
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    REP: Air Rifle Pros

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