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Thread: Hawke Varmint 6-24x44 SF

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    Default Hawke Varmint 6-24x44 SF

    Goood morning,
    I would like to know if someone sellls side focus wheels for the above mentioned rifle telescope? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Maybe try 3D printing? depends on the level of finish that will be acceptable for you. There are some examples on Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects

    Parallax focus wheel by Zacke44 - Thingiverse
    Scope Wheel Hawke Sidewinder 30 by bednoob - Thingiverse

    or some more:
    Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse

    This store can print for you:
    3D Printing For all your 3D Printing needs.
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