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Thread: Air rifle re-licencing!

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    Default Air rifle re-licencing!

    :messed: Hey guys,

    Just a heads up this is not an April fools joke. Central firearms are looking at licencing air guns agian. This not a govenment basing thread, we need to start getting some seriouse strategy (gary please put spell check on this Forum) going.

    All contructive thoughts and comments welcome.

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    whole bunch of idiots sit at office has nothing to do.

    why not try to licencing their ass b4 they can legally fart!

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    Not their decision, to regulate/deregulate. They just do the job (keep register of firearms).

    If it was debated in Parlament and published in the Government Gazette, well then you can start to worry.

    Must be a May joke then!!!!

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    Although there's logic in controlling all potentially lethal firearms (incl Airguns) I can't see this happening for various reasons with airguns.
    Government has made the mistake of saying u don't need a licence for a certain calibre of airgun with some very bad consequences, eg children shooting pets and the like (some adults aswell).

    The main reason behind removing licences for airguns was to not kill the shooting sport (which we all have a constitutional right 2 do) after they decided to remove .22LR from all schools. I don't think it was their intention to get adults to shoot airguns (who knows maybe I'm wrong) but that also happened, problem with that being that in some cases they are more reckless than children !
    Government was also following the example of some 1st world countries like America and England, where u also don't need a licence. Personally have been fighting for the 12ft/lbs rule in FT cause I do see that entering the SA FAC, I think that in the future 12ft/lbs airguns will see it's way into our FAC.

    What can we do to soften the blow (we are in no position to prevent it) is to highlight the following to Government :
    There are hundred of thousands of airguns that have already been sold which will create an administrative nightmare.
    They WILL kill the sport of airgun shooting by forcing people to licence ALL airguns
    Various bodies have been created to help with the control and responsible use of airguns
    Most gunshops WILL CLOSE as airguns have become their main source of income.

    Now to government in reply :
    What have they done to educate the new airgun owners
    What have they done to promote safe airgun shooting
    What have they done to give people venues to shoot with their airguns

    The list can go on and on
    For every 1 person injured by an airgun there's 50 times more people injured in car accidents and various other sports.

    Killing the sport is not the solution, it's more viable for government ( with more income and jobs created ) to sit with major parties and look at ways of promoting safe and organized use of airguns

    will they do that ... don't know

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    if they did license them how hard would it be to aquire a license does any one have an idea?i would definitly try if this happened!
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    if the airgun is a threat to the public.

    what about bow or cross bow?
    what about blow gun?
    what about zulu spear?
    what about kitchen knife?
    what about golf club?
    what about baseball bat?
    what about fist?
    what about brick?

    again. how many airgun involved with crime?

    for example:

    arm robbery.
    gang violence.
    cop killing.
    drug trade.
    hitman contract.
    senseless kill.

    again. whole bunch of idiot sit at office has nothing to do...

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    Moose, you don't want to know, but i think the chaos with current licencing would be a walk in the park (winning an ft event in Alberton) if compared with licencing of all airguns.

    No use in making laws, if it's not possible to enforce it.

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    boondock so true!!

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    When something like this is raised don't be emotional, be rational and stay calm

    Angry people don't think straight.
    Look at the reality and work off facts, saying that a knife is also dangerous is true but not in the same line, saying that a bow or a crossbox is the same, now that is true.
    Also remember, cars are dangerous and therefore u need a licence ...

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    asked a lots of gunshop in cape town. none of their clients had new firearm licence proved since last year june.

    everybody followed the law and procedure but still get nothing. no reason been given or just simply said: lack of motive....

    some people been killed just for 5 rand is enough motive i guess.

    anything can be lethal. incl bare hands. a martial art expert can kill a person under 1 sec. maybe they should be licenced too...

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    mmm, better licence my golf clubs before i have to hand them in too

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    I have just talk to the Head of Central Firearm Registry. I work across the road from them in Pretoria. There is no way that they are thinking about doing this. It would be impossible to implement. Only air rifles of .22 claibre and above, require registatration.

    So relax, dont panic.

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    I have been writing to our local newspaper recently about the subject of relicencing air rifles again.(If I knew how I would have put it on the web) The local government and the SAPD and SPCA and bunny hugging neighbours and their brothers and who knows who else, is screeming to re-licence air rifles again. Why?!!!! Because we have idiots that own air rifles. They shoot indesciminately. They shoot cats, dogs windows, two year old children and fire men. (Damn them ten zillion times the square root of two million and and five times the number of stars in the heavenly sky on a dark night) If you HAVE to shoot a cat use a proper rifle or something, but DON'T send the thing home with a pellet up its back side. It will land up at the vet and the story in the newspapers and the cop shop and the SPCA etc. You will be sleeping better but without your air rifle in the safe. It is our own fault. The government can't trust us. Possibly not you and me, but a hell of a lot of guys out there that will hang onto their illegal air rifles just like they did before.Did you really think the guys are going to hand in their AKs or stolen fire arms? Not a chance!!! x)

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    This is always how it happens, especially in our "democratic" country. I believe that the SAP and the people at the CFR don't (will not) require that our airrifles be relincenced at this stage. But wait there's more.......

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