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    Hi! I have been shooting with a springer for many years and have now bought a BSA BUCCANEER pcp. I have a lot of questions on how to be more accurate. Firstly i have been missing a couple of shots which i cannot explain. I was wondering does it make a difference on where i have to aim when magnifying my scope (gamo scope)
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    It shouldn't really matter (is it a ffp or sfp) but usually it might seem more accurate at lower magnification because the point you aiming at isn't as precise as it would be a higher mag (like aiming at a coke can on 4x and hitting it then trying on 12x where u aim for a letter on the can and still hit the can but just not on the letter u aimed at) so I've always felt there's more room for error at lower mag than higher mag (I have a friend who firmy believes lower mag is more accurate... Other things play a part as well like parallax on higher mag and distance to target like shooting something at 15m on 12x with a gamo will probably be less accurate than on 4 (unless it has a adjustable parallax)
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