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    Hi all. So my budget is not really huge and i actually still need to save up but i need to know what to look for when looking for the right scope. I have a BSA BUCCANEER 177 which i currently have a cheap gamo scope on but i need something better. I mainly use the gun for PC from 10 to 80 meters. Any suggestions of scopes will also be a lot of help as well please
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    Conrad pm me your phone number. I have a Marcool that may suit you
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    Which Buccaneer do you have? The old one from the 70s is a springer and the current model is a PCP?

    If yours is the PCP then recoil is not an issue and the choice of budget scopes opens up a bit.
    For the ranges you state...from 10 to 80m you need to ensure the scope can focus down to 10m. There will be quite some pellet drop over that range so a mildot reticle will be helpful for holdover, otherwise you need to dial for range all the time. Look for something that offers at least 4 or 5 full mildots below the centre crosshairs because you'll need about that much holdover at 80m. The high magnification scopes are pricy and the cheaper ones can be awful. A mag of 10x to 12x is adequate unless you're in competition or want to shoot marbles at 80m so look for a 4-12 or 4-16, preferably with side focus rather than front element focusing which is more awkward to use. Most cheaper scopes lose clarity at full mag so look for at least a 12x or 16x max magnification if you want to shoot at 10x....or go for a fixed 10x scope without zoom.

    I found a 4-16x42 Nikko Stirling Targetmaster with the 1" tube for about R1300 a year back. It's been great except the reticle is a bit "thick" compared to one with an etched reticle. It also has lockable resettable turrets and side focus which are nice feature at this price point. Good luck with your search.
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    I would also say you should check out the Nikko Stirling range (excluding the really cheap ones), I have 2 Nikko Stirling Panamax (3-9X40 & 4.5-14x50), and they have really impressed me, beyond my expectations... I had the 3-9x40 on my 5.5 nitro piston rifle for about 2 months of shooting every single day and the scope is still 100% so if you have the springer BSA, it should be able to take the recoil. And it rates amongst the clearest glass I've looked through (both scopes), even at their highest mag they remain clear, and the 3-9x40 only costed me somewhere around R1500, in fact I bought the 4.5-14x50 purely because I was so impressed with the other one, and it didn't disappoint either... On the other hand though I bought a 4-12x50 Nikko Stirling mountmaster and it's not nearly as clear as the Panamax, but it's tough, it's been on my 4.5 springer (gas ram) for about 5/6 months and has been used regularly by my friends, and it's still working 100%. Oh and all 3 scopes I mentioned now have 1/2mildot recticles, and 2 of them have a adjustable objective (AO) down to 15 yards...
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