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Thread: Walther LP53 - looking for spares.

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    Default Walther LP53 - looking for spares.

    Hi all!

    This LP53 is the latest addition to the De Rust arsenal.
    It's been floating around my family ever since its original owner - my mother's father - died in 1995. Before he died, he probably put about 100 pellets through it.
    It was also passed around to various older family members, most of whom didn't appreciate its value or virtues.
    This little beauty is very shy... to the best of my knowledge, she hasn't been out of the safe to be fired in the last 15 years. Anyway, I've probably put more pellets through it today than my grandfather did before he got bored with it.

    If anyone has any loose spares and/or accessories for this gun, I'd be very interested in knowing what's available, and for how much.
    Due to being passed around to people who didn't have any stake in taking care of it, the gun's missing the following parts:
    - The dot-type ('Perlkorn') front sight
    - The front sight mounting screw
    - The upper grip mounting screw
    - The wooden cocking aid for the front of the barrel
    - If anyone also has an original Walther clamp-on barrel weight, I'd be interested in that, too - this gun has never had one.

    I have no interest in selling - this is a family heirloom, and a damn fine-shooting pistol into the bargain.
    I'd like to get her back to 100% pristine condition, and I'll also be using her on a regular basis.

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