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Thread: PCP gear needed in Port Elizabeth ASAP.

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    Default PCP gear needed in Port Elizabeth ASAP.

    Hi Guys,

    I have secured my 1st PCP air rifle - its a Huben K1 - yes, I know everything about them but this one has been through its teething phases.

    It will be arriving in PE very shortly and I have no PCP support gear at all. If it arrives before I have the gear it will be like handing a boy a remote control car for Christmas with no batteries!

    What I think will need is the following:

    1. Scuba tank/filling device.

    Do I just go to a dive shop and ask them for a scuba tank? Will a scuba shop know what i need when i say its for a airgun? what about the other things. I will need some sort of hose? then another gauge(separate to the one on the tank itself right) that will read the pressure in the guns tank itself when filling? how do i know the hose I buy will fit the quick fill adaptor thing that the rifle cam with?

    I will buy a hand pump as well just to mitigate the possibility of running out of air ever. Worst case I will spend a Saturday filling the scuba tank with my friends at a braai lol. - I want both in the end

    Anyone in PE have a scuba tank or pump for me?

    2. I will need heavy pellets for this gun. as far as i know there are no JSB monster redesigned pellets(that the rifle is currently setup for) in PE. - Can someone please help me get them ASAP.

    Guys, I think this is a start. If I have air supply and pellets to shoot with it will be a good start but I need these things quick.

    I will also need a very good scope(i will post a thread on this on its own but what is best for a long range pcp) and also a chronograph, pellet scale and bullet/slug swage/mould kit and all the accompanying gear.

    The scuba/filling/pellets is critical for now but the rest will need to come very soon as well.

    Please assist gents(and gals)

    Thanks people
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    If there is a local air-rifle club in your area, make contact; they will have local answers for all these issues.

    Re Scuba tank and filling station:
    You need to know what maximum pressure your rifle can be filled to and get a scuba tank of same or higher pressure. Common tank standards are 232bar and 300bar. Higher pressure will give more fills from a tank. Also check with local dive shops if they can fill to 300bar - some don't. Being a port city, PE will probably have a place that fills tanks for commercial diving operators and industrial breathing-air systems - should be cheaper to buy a tank and get air refills from these guys than the retail dive shops. If you can't get a 300bar fill in PE then no need to get a 300 bar tank.

    The scuba tanks do not normally have gauges fitted - it depends what you get. I prefer a standard threaded DIN valve to the pillar type that need a clamp-on yoke (as I understand it the yoke systems are limited to 232 bar tanks...I may be wrong) .

    Then you'll need a made-up filling station which consists of a connection to your tank valve, a pressure gauge, a bleed valve, flexible hose and a coupling to your rifle's filling probe. Quick connect (Foster) couplings are popular. Some fillstations have more refinements such as separate gauges for tank pressure and filling pressure. The rifle should come with a filling probe but may lack the quick-connect adapters. Various on-line air-rifle suppliers can assist you with parts. You MUST make sure that all air fittings you purchase are rated for the max. fill pressure of your scuba tank. You can die if you get this wrong.

    Tanks can be had in steel, alu or carbon fibre (lighter but pricier). A volume of at least 6 litre is practical.

    This is IMPORTANT : Normal ambient air contains moisture (humidity) which condenses to form water when you pressurise it. Businesses that fill scuba tanks use filters and driers to ensure the air is clean and dry and will not corrode the inside of either your tank or rifle. Do not ever try to fill your scuba tank with air pumped in by a handpump. If you buy a handpump make sure to get one equipped with filter/drier and get spare refills for the drier when you order it. Use it only to pump the rifle directly. If your rifle takes 200bar or more then hand pumping is a lot of effort.

    Be careful with high pressure air - good luck with the new rifle.
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    Morning Barron.

    Regarding your questions:

    1 - The PEARC is where you can start. We're associated with the PE clay target club on Draaifontein Road. Most of us have tanks available to get started. Some of the members have 300bar tanks and the dive shops fill to that afaik.

    Second hand is your best bet, I believe there is a 6L carbon tank for sale on the forum that'll get you well on your way.

    As for fill stations, the paintball shop and gunshack should have in stock.

    I'd steer clear of a pump for a couple reasons, but the main being that without a drier/filter you'll be pumping moist ocean air into your Huben which is a recipe for corrosion.

    2 - Pellet choice isn't too difficult to overcome, I know that the 8.44gr and 10.56gr are common here in .177 and up to 18.16gr for .22. If you're looking at anything larger, might I suggest buying from one of our forum member and shipping them here?
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