All East Randers

Here at the Kenmark range in Madeley Road at the Adventure Caravan Park in Boksburg we have a shoot on Sundays at present. The range is going to need a lot of upgrading and here is your chance to pitch in and build an outdoor facility that you would like to shoot at regularly.

At present Range fee is R50 per day and pay at the bar with Miguel. I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Wessel and Sean shooting out at 40 meters.

Come around and see for yourselves.

Priorty list
1. Make the range longer out to 100 if possible (anyone with contacts with a bulldozer contact me please).
2. Making of 20 stands for targets ( I have a drawing for a stand) donations welcome
3. 20mm used conveyor belt as backstop for the target stands.
3. Shooting benches. Breeze bricks and concrete table top slabs.Donations in materiel gladly accepted
4. Shade cloth over the benches.
5. Concrete strip to place bench rest target stands on. 25m x 1m x 100mm. 1 strip at 25 meters, 1 at 50 meters and 1 at 100 meters.
Need donation of sand stone cement and some shuttering.

That's just the start. But at least it is doable.

Looking fofward to seeing you all at the range.

Please contact me if you are able to assist in anyway possible

Kind regards