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    I have recently designed an amazing bipod which I believe is much better than a lot of designs on the market. Why? Because its sturdy, versatile. Positive lock legs all aluminium so its lightweight and its not overly complicated. It won't break down on you or fold up unexpectedly.. There's just one problem : In order to further develop, design, manufacture and market my product I need investors who are willing to help me out in those departments. It does not necessarily need to be financial investment. Resources and expertise will be just as welcome. Is there anyone on this forum that is interested or knows of someone who might be. Also leave comments of bipods you have used in the past and what worked for you and what did not.
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    There are a number of technically minded people on this forum like UllUllA, Kevin Airvolution and Froggy to name but just a few. Most of them don't mind sharing their expertise which is one of the main reasons we are hooked on this forum is it not ? ;-)
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