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Thread: Updated Field Target scope buying info

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    Default Updated Field Target scope buying info

    I found a very useful tool called a forum search function whilst looking for a new (second hand) ft scope.
    Ive also been chatting to some senior members as ive been out of airgunning for a while and my options seem to be

    1 big nikko
    2 falcon
    3 lynx
    4 bushnel
    5 hawke 8-32

    I currently own a targetmaster 10-50 and while it will serve me well whilst finishing off saving for a better scope im looking for a keeper.

    Ive intentionally left off the viper 8-32 as ive owned one and prefer the targetmaster glass as well as the higher end scopes such as sightron, march etc as i cannot warrant one with school fees and nappies to be bought.

    Ive basically regurgitated previous threads but my question lies in the "fair" price of each above and where the hell do you find these scopes second hand?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    My first choice would be Big Nikko. I love mine and wont want to trade it for anything else. My second choice would be Big Lynx. Almost as good as the Nikko in my opinion, and you have solid backup. Both of the above scopes in my opinion are unrivalled for the price you get them for second hand..

    I would not buy Falcon.

    The Bushnell on your list, assuming its the Elite 4200. Those are/were very polular with the springer shooters in the UK. They are solid scopes. Jan used to swear by them.

    The Hawke on your list. Not realy suited for FT in my opinion. Also considering their price second hand. You can almost buy a second hand Big Lynx for a similar price
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    While you are after a 2nd hand scope....

    The new NS Hornet is also a good option. Errol is happy with his.

    Another fundamental error that people make when looking at an FT scope is the myth that 50X is the minimum required. Mag=MONEY!

    30X is more than enough to range and shoot with, as long as the glass is good.

    Don't discount lower mag, quality scopes.

    I have just purchased a 10-40X NS Diamond Long Range from Rashaad. I'll test the ranging capabilities and feed back, but AFAICS, the glass is excellent - the price too!
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    Well, this is nice to know. Daniel has finally convinced me to shoot FT with him and have been looking at scopes wondering whether 50x mag was really a must.

    Blud, what 30x scope would you recommend? I know the 10-40x from Rashaad is very well priced.

    What's the general opinion on FFP scopes from the forum members?
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