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    Hi All I seem to have a big problem I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with keratoconus Keratoconus - Wikipedia
    This has effected vision badly over the years I have tried all treatments about nothing has worked.

    Now I have a huge problem I can't see the reticle clearly the opntms have done their best to correct my vision but my righteye is not very good.

    So guys I need help to find a scope the can work for me hopefully that has more adjustment on the eyepiece so that I can focus the reticle clearly or close to what I'm comfortable with.

    I'm currently using a Nikko Stirling mount master 3-9x40 i also have a flea market special Bushnell 4-12x40 with a light up reticle

    Please guys can anyone help with suggestions for me
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    Sad to hear of your lurgy.

    Perhaps you can ask an optician to have a look at how the scope works, and devise a lens attachment, such as a 'close focus adaptor' that the FT guys developed for when tricksters were putting targets inside 10m.

    There must be some solution. Take your scope along. If they nderstand how it works, they can get the light to do what you need... maybe.

    Good luck buddy!
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    I doubt most scopes will offer enough ocular adjustment range to overcome your affliction. Perhaps investigate something like the Clemit ScopeAid system.
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    Sorry that you are affected by this condition. What exact symptoms is it causing? Nearsightedness? Astigmatism?

    Do you shoot with or without spectacles/contact lenses?

    The eyepiece on most scopes can only correct within a few diopters from neutral (zero). A stronger correction could be obtained by fitting an appropriate corrective lens to the back of the eyepiece. My dad used to do this with binoculars. Ideally you need to find a scope with a flexible rubber hood on the eyepiece and then get a lens ground to the correct diameter to fit inside it. Simple friction fit.

    Astigmatism is less easy to correct but can be built into the same corrective lens. You will need an orientating mark so the correction lens is fitted with correct alignment.

    An old-school optician should be able to sort something for you.

    Hope you find a solution.
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