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Thread: New RTI Priest "long range" barrel

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    Default New RTI Priest "long range" barrel

    You're opinion please...

    RTI claims the have an option "longrange" barrel specifically designed around the new 5.5mm "Redesigned" 25gr JSB's...

    Standard airgun barrels were never meant for shooting at high velocities (eg. 300m/s) at extreme long ranges (eg. 100m). This is why we developed a custom Lothar Walther airgun barrel for Long Range Pellet shooting. The barrel is capable of shooting JSB Monsters Redesigned (25 grains) at 320 m/s at 100m without loosing the stability of the projectile. The barrel is available as an addition.
    My question is, do you really think this is a SPECIAL barrel designed only for them...or is it a case of the new JSB's that in fact makes the difference?

    As with all good marketing's all in the wording?
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    I have developed a strange fascination with Bullpups lately, and have been looking at various rifles, the Priest seems quite a nice choice as one can change barrels for different calibers, and see as mentioned above they even have a long range barrel available. And they seem quite well priced too, at a smidgeoen more than half the price of an Impact.
    barrel kits are also not crazy money, a barrel for my FX Crown is R7k plus a mag, see that in the States the Priest barrel kits (that include a mag) sells for $240.00
    mmmm, how many airguns are too many?
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    It seems all the hype about the specifically designed barrel is now coming out.

    Take a look at the results of the 50 yard compitition at EBR 2019, Team RTI took first place with thier new RTI Prophet shooting 0.22 JSB 25.39grain re-designs at over 1,035fps.

    They claim this barrel will only shoot pellets well and do not recommend this barrel for shooting slugs, which would normally perform better at these speeds and distances.

    It is also claimed that the speed and specific designed barrel by Lothar Walther helps stabalize pellets up to 100m, if this if true, it would mean the barrel has been designed for pellets as the JSB Re-designs loose stability after 50-70m.

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