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Thread: Steyr LG110 power

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    Default Steyr LG110 power

    I wanted to see what power I can get from a Steyr LG110. Since I sold my HW100, .177, 22fpe I am having some power fever. I am a very big .177 fan and wanted to push a JSB .177 Monster just south of 1000fps.

    So I set up the a LG110 with the reg set at 139Bar, 40J hammer, valve and the ball bearing between the hammer and the spring. I used a LG110 bolt with the recoil compensator set at maximum travel. Barrel is a 600mm, LW polygon.

    O boy was I disappointed. I could not get the Monsters over 865fps.

    I then took the gun apart to have a look. Once I put a Hunter LG110 and LG110 FT bolts next to each other I could spot the difference in bolt transfer port size. After installing the Hunter bolt without compensator and bigger transfer port hole, it was a different story.


    JSB 0.177 Heavy 10.34gr: 1065.5fps average, 26.1fpe, 35.3Joule

    JSB 0.177 Monster 13.43gr: 958.0fps average, 27.4fpe, 37.1Joule ..... this is a 5% power increase with no adjustment.

    ... then I change the barrel to .22 LW polygon...

    AA 0.22 Field 16gr: 979.5fps average, 34.1fpe, 46.2Joule ..... this is a 24.5% power increase with no adjustment.

    With all of the above the pellets touched each other at 25meter. Next test will be at 50m.
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    Thats brilliant. I have a Steyr LG110 5.5 rifle that shoots 16gr pellets at 28fpe. I once tried to put a 4.5mm barrel on it to see if I can shoot .177 monsters at high speed, but was dissapointed. Couldn't get the monsters or even heavies over 900fps. I didn't change out any other parts though.
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