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    I still enjoy plinking with the HW50 and really enjoy Crab's Bell target shoots, but I must confess I have been consumed by small boats since moving down to PE.
    I am busy building two sailing boats at the moment, one is a proof-of-concept for some aerodynamic gimmickry I want to test, the other is a 10ft Spindrift sailing dink that I am building out of Nidacore instead of plywood.

    In the meantime I sail a Gypsy and an old wooden Miracle.

    Both dinghies have the same length and beam, but the Miracle has much more usable cockpit space for crew and extra gear. So I took it cruising on Gariep Dam with my brother one long weekend.
    It was every young pirate-wannabe's dream adventure, camping on an island from where we went exploring the surrounding area.

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    We found this incredible little natural harbour on the southern shore of Xmas island.
    It is not very deep and drains completely when the water level drops. Here the dam was only 50cm short of the 100% level.

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