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    Default HannesL / Lobster Butthook

    I have been in the market for a new butthook for some time now. After speaking to Hannes I decided to buy one of his new butthooks.

    I am so impressed and so happy. It works wonderfully and the construction is absolutely solid and well thought out.

    Some pics of the butthook mounted on my TX200.

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    Same here, I ordered the same one and very happy with it, Hannes has been a star and always willing to help.

    I have previously ordered a standard hamster for my son's S400 and recently an adjustable butt hook as per the thread as well as Hannes's new fully adjustable hamster.

    Extremely happy with my new kit and worth the wait.

    Come see the kit on my rifle at the next shoot, Hannes supplies top quality accessories at the right price.
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