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Thread: Kral Nemesis, 1st PCP

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    Hi Chaps

    I have been browsing the forum for ages, thank you for all the useful info, its really been very helpful!

    I started with a springer a while back for plinking etc, then recently purchased a Artemis CP2 that has been great fun, really like the little rifle!!! I am ready to make the step to PCP and I am thinking of purchasing the rifle below. I plan to do the usual plinking but would also like to start progressing to 30-50m target shoots. The fact that the tri caliber comes with three barrels is also attractive to me. I love the look and the reviews seem to be "ok", some talk of it not being sooper accurate, but i think this is down to pellet selection? What is the general feel of the Nemisis? As i dont have the rest of the gear yet, the rifle without the scope is at the top end of my budget. The other bits and pieces will have to come down the line, so this will sit in my office for a while, but it is so pretty and i have the CP2 to play with whilst i save for the rest.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Thanks for the feedback odd. Anyway, I purchased a FX Wildcat.
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