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Thread: Daystate Redwolf 5.5mm HP or Redwolf Safari 5.5mm HP

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    Default Daystate Redwolf 5.5mm HP or Redwolf Safari 5.5mm HP

    Are there any advantages of the Redwolf Safari 5.5mm HP over the Standard Redwolf 5.5mm HP?
    Is the Safari more accurate or better at longer distances?
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    Right now the Safari comes with the GCU 2.0 and an ART barrel on it. It has the Safari Special stock aswell. As for the GCU 2.0, in .22 Calibre it will give 65ft/lbs of energy vs the GCU 1.0 55ft/lbs. This, in theory, will make it more accurate on longer distances because it has more power. A heavier pellet will travel faster.

    That all being said, over time Daystate will be moving over to the GCU 2.0 and the newer barrel over time.
    As for .25, there is a bigger advantage as that is where the ART team focused on mainly and most development has taken place.
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