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Thread: JSB Hades and New JSB .20 heavy

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    Very impressive pellets from JSB

    I shot the Hades at 930fps at 42m and compared them against the normal JSB 15.89grain pellets

    Sorry to say, they where more accurate than the normal JSB’s.

    I was loading 5 Hades and 5 JSB’s into the same magazine and then shooting groups.

    Thanks to Rashaad for making my bench shooting more expensive going forward.

    PS you can also test the Hades expansion by shooting then into a bucket of water.

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    Interestingly these behave almost exactly like 18gr regardless of their weight.
    Don't shoot nearly as well in my guns that prefer 16gr jsb/AA
    Clearly the difference between the 16gr and 18gr with regards to which a gun prefers is mostly related to shape rather than anything to do with the weight difference. Suppose that's pretty obvious once you think about it, but I never actually have...

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