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    Hey Guys n Gals

    Yes I like photos :-D

    I picked up this old Norica Quick and I've been having fun with it. I enjoy tinkering so I decided to fiddle a little. This thread is where I'd like to share my experiences and gather some tips from experience members. I'll share what works and what doesn't.

    Disclaimer: I have very little experience with spring guns besides pulling apart my son's BB Daisy. Copy my mistakes at your peril :-P

    The gun shoots okay, it's got a very heavy spring kicks like a mule and rattles a lot in recoil. After filming myself shoot (which I highly recommend) and watching in slow motion I noticed the under-lever moves during recoil. That's not good.

    I started by pulling off the stock and looking at the lever assembly. The plan is simply to tighten up anything that rattles.
    This pin literally fell out, it was completely loose.

    I chose to deform it slightly at the ends to create an interference fit.

    I greased it and hammered it back in and it's perfect now.

    Next I noticed a lot of play in this pin.

    I tried to get a 1/2 mm washer in there but there wasn't space so I fashioned 2 washers out of beer can alu and inserted in the inside. I took up the outside slack with the 1/2 mm washer. (Pro tip: if you need to put silver hardware on your blued gun; colour it in with a permanent marker)

    I did some sort of before and after testing to see if there is a change. Both tests were done with the same pellets & distance. Of course there's a large amount of human element.

    Groupings before this tune:

    Groupings after this tune:

    Ja nee dis kak!
    I went backwards.

    In conclusion I think there is a big unknown here. The gun sounded better (less rattly) after the tune. But the results are worse.

    I appreciate your opinion... please comment
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    To be honest, what you have done so far isn't tuning and as you can see has had no appreciable effect.

    The looseness of the underlever hinge is more annoying than detrimental and the lateral play in the pin that holds the cocking arm is not significant, there is some lateral play like that in my TXC200's cocking link pin.

    Having just looked up the Quick, it is advertised as a 1000fps rifle which generally with the cheaper rifles means it is really good as missing the target quicker.

    If you want to get the best out of it rip out the current spring and innards, find a more sensible powered spring and make close fitting rear spring guide and forward 'top hat' guide. Apply moderate quantities of a good quality high moly lube, reassemble and try again.
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    Thanks for the reply Dale. I was under the impression vibrations and rattling during recoil had some effect on accuracy.
    But you're right! I went a slightly different route and pulled out the spring and put in this:

    Gas ram from Norica... Huge thanks to Daanish at for digging through his warehouse and finding this.

    Results speak for themselves. Shooting at 20m:

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