Whilst not as old as some of the rifle featured in this section, here is a Mk1 HW30 I acquired towards the end of September:

This example dates to the early 1980's and is a very basic rifle, the stock does not have a butt plate and the front sight is simpler than that found on later examples.

When obtained this rifle was fitted with the 'Perfekt' trigger mechanism and was a pre-safety catch model.

The Perfekt isn't a bad trigger mechanism, but it is definitely not as refined as the Rekord unit.

Anyway as the size of the mechanism and retaining pins positions are the same I changed it in favour of an old Rekord trigger I had obtained.

There is no safety catch but that isn't an issue as sensible handling negates any problems.

Overall I would say build quality seems to be a bit better than the latest versions - everything seems to be just a bit better finished and there is no evidence of the galling issues that are reported on examples of the current HW30.

It is a seriously sweet shooting little rifle and is capable of very good accuracy.